We have developed for years the ways for affiliates send their email marketing campaigns to the masses. Now we have made it available for resell, affiliation or even discounted for third party service providers.

A successful company needs 2 main things… Data, as this is the blood on every company’s veins and an outlet, which¬† communicates with that data which can be via Email Marketing or even Print Marketing.

Make Money Partners puts you in a privileged place where you could provide those tools that other affiliates need.

It is all about your imagination!
You could simply profit by referring via affiliate links to MakeMoney.Tools and get paid daily via paypal a juicy commission or even go the extra mile and build your own brand with affiliate program included as well.

Then there is the third group, The Service Providers…
If you are an Email Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Expert, you can get from our SMTP Units to send email campaigns, Databases or even offer the service of data cleanup. Sites for service providers are available too!

Join us!

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